Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


I took my sons and daughter to the zoo, when they were small between 2 – 12 years old.

They ran here and there.

Screaming, pushing and running.
I was belated seeing them happy.

“Look , mama , bird”

“Look , mama, elephant”

“Look , mama, talking bird (parrot)”

“ Look mama, oistrich”

“Look, mama , crocodile”

“Look ,mama, giraffe. “

“Look, mama, snake”

“Look, mama, swine”

“Look mama , Hippo”

Look here , look there.

Suddenly my third child (son) said this,

“Mama, mama, our cousins are here” excitedly.

I looked around searching for my brother and his 5 kids. I didn’t know that he was at the zoo.

“Where? Where?” I asked my son.


He pointed at the monkeys swinging in the cage.

Cikgutanya: Out of my 4 kids , the 3rd child the jovial one. He brought sunshine to our life. By just listening to his laughter is enough to make you feel happy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Every school holiday , we met. I study smart and hard . He worked hard too.”

“After SPM examination , during the school holiday , we met.”

“I know that I will get good SPM result and will further my study either oversea or locally . We talk about it.”

“He was worried that I might leave him when I got my SPM result.”

“He told me that, I have to show my love to him, convince him that I won’t leave him and we spent a week together in one of the resort in one island.”

“I told my parent I need to go to my residential school for a gathering. He paid for the trip.”

“I didn’t think I might get pregnant at all. Warden sir, please help me.”

The warden told her that she can’t continue to be at the camp . She got to be sent home.

Her auntie came and fetched her.

Her auntie told the warden that ,” I will be in charged of the girl until she gives birth. I will adopt the baby.”

“ After the girl’s confinement is over , I will sent her back to her parent.”

“If the villagers ask about her explanation given will be that she is at the camp for 4 month and then taking up a short course in the capital city”

After 5 month, her auntie call the warden and told the warden that her niece had given birth to a baby girl.
She was sent back to her village to be with her mother and father.

She is now in a college doing a twinning program to go to Australia.

She broke with the boy and the existence of their baby girl was not told to the boy .

Cikgutanya : How to prove your love. Careful girls.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


When I was in the summer camp in the north as a guest speaker, I talked to the warden at the camp about the girls and boys who attended the camp.

“Well,” he told me ,”there was one case of a 17 year old girl. She just sat for her SPM examination and was pregnant”

“How did your find out?”

“When the girls registered here , they were asked to write down their last period date, and this particular girl wrote the date of her last period was 4 month ago. “

“The doctor confirmed it. She was pregnant.”

“I told the girl that I got to informed her mother or father regarding her pregnancy.”

“Please don’t call my mother or father, warden sir, please call my auntie instead.”

“I call her auntie, and her auntie was shocked but she insisted that I call her mother.”

The warden called her mother.

Her mother was shocked to hear about her pregnancy but she asked the warden to call her sister (the girl’s auntie) and handle it with her.

“I did some investigation” explained the warden

“The girl explained to me what had happened.”

The explanation:

“Warden, sir, I knew this boy when I was in form 3. He is the mechanic at the car workshop in my village. He earn RM 1000/= a month.”

” He is 21 years old. I was fifteen then. We were so in love.”

“After PMR examination , I got a place in one of the residential school since my PMR result is good – 8A’s .”

Cikgutanya: Girl with brain but instead listen to her heart.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Knowing that her only son wanted to get married, she received a lot of help. A rich neighbor in the 1st street donated 20 packet of rice (10 kilos each). It was enough to cater for at least 400 guests.

My son was married four months earlier, so she borrowed the items for the dias from me. The door gift was donated by the four mothers that send their babies for her to take care every morning.

Her sisters and brothers from the village, volunteered to cook for the wedding.

An elderly neighbor whom she always help give her RM 1000/= (her husband is very rich). The Community Club gave her free usage of 2 tents (40’ x 40’) for the wedding.

Her husband ?
Call the karaoke company and ask her to pay RM 350/= for it. (He monopolizes the karaoke session on the wedding day – he keep on singing and singing all the 1960’s song to his hearts content.)

The wedding went on smoothly – people come and go – some bearing gift , some gave token in term of cash.

She told me , “Thank God. Everybody help me and the wedding was successful.”

“I am so happy. I didn’t spent much since a lot of people help me. I still have some extra money, but I have to work hard again for my old age ”

Her husband ?

At 4.30 pm, after the wedding, her husband left her and their son and go back to his lovely 1st wife. If you can’t be fair then why marry two wives?

Cikgutanya: She told me , “After the wedding I am going to do something about my marriage.”

Thursday, January 6, 2011


You might wonder why a lot of people wanted to help her?

Reasons :

-She stayed in that area for about 35 years . She knows almost everybody in that area.

-Almost everybody know about her and her plight of having a very irresponsible man for a husband.

-Her son is a very nice boy. Though he sees his father for about an hour a day or sometimes his father didn’t turn up but still he has becomes a good and well mannered man.

-Though , suffering inside , she is a very jovial and helpful person.

What happened to her life recently?

Her son wanted to get married. His girlfriend is from a village, 240 kilometers from the capital city. On her son engagement day, her husband went with her but he ask her to fill the tank of his car and pay for the toll.

Her son fiancée dowry is RM 5,000/=. Her son had been working for the past five years. He managed to save between RM 200 – RM 300 a month. So the RM 5,000 is settled.

“I have to foot the bill of everything else,” she told me.


“I have managed to keep some money for the wedding because I know that one day my son will want to get married.”
“It will be such a simple wedding. I will prepare salted fish curry with pineapple, fried chicken, ulam with sambal belacan (salad with the dip) and sambal tumis ikan bilis (anchovies in chilly sauce).”

Cikgutanya: She got to think of everything. May God bless her.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Reason be / the owner of the house knows her because he and his family stayed there for 40 years. Their children know her well.

Sometimes when they have guest or kenduri (gathering of peoples ) she will be asked to cook. Extra money for her then.

The head of the family is rich. He bought his children a big house each. When he and his wife died the children didn’t want to stay in the house even though it is a bungalow but it was an old bungalow and the interior is not up to their liking.

It was and old style of a bungalow.

Since they know that the maid is looking fo a place to stay. They offered and asked her to stay in the old bungalow and take care of it. She agreed. It was free and they paid her RM 300/= a month as an allowance for her to take care of the house.

What else for her to survive.-

Her son is working with a salary of RM 1300. He goes to work on a second hand motor bike. He pays for the phone bill, the electricity and water bill and Astro which amount to about RM 300/= a month.
She takes care of four babies, sent by working mother to her for RM 250 each child. She got RM 1000 a month. Tax free.

RM 300 from the house owner’s children. . It is enough for both of them to survive in the capital city.

From her husband ?

Still nothing.

He came to the house once a week. At about 5.00 pm. Eat whatever she cooked and left.

Cikgutanya : Why there is not a shred of anger in her?